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Pro Shot Elite is great for basketball players of all ages and skill levels. Don’t settle for your abilities today. Strive to be better tomorrow! The best players are always looking to improve their game. What steps are you taking?

Coach Jesse Muench
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“The Pro Shot Elite is unbelievable. I bought it about 1 year ago when I saw my friend having success with it.  I wear it at all my practices and training sessions. I love that I can wear it in every drill and it doesn’t affect me in any way.”
– Luke, 17, Oregon

“I am a shooting guard in college basketball and when I started using the Pro Shot Elite I took a whole new step in shooting within weeks. The finger sleeves help create even pressure on my fingertips as I release the ball into my shot, helping give the perfect rotation and form. Not only do the sleeves help with your shooting and guide hand, they also help with dribbling, by making you dribble with your fingertips and giving you more control over the ball. All-around the Pro Shot Elite’s have improved my game and I would encourage every basketball player to purchase these and perfect their shot!”
– Aubrey, 20, Wisconsin

“The Pro Shot Elite is the best training device I’ve ever used. It’s comfortable to wear, doesn’t restrict me in any way and I’m making more shots now than I ever have! I’ve recommended it to all my teammates.”
– John, 15, Florida

“I bought the Pro Shot Elite about 1 year ago and it is still like new. Amazing the quality of the bands considering I’ve worn it in every practice and outside in the driveway. I love the Pro Shot Elite and have seen good results from wearing it.”
– Ashlee, 15, Illinois

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